Friends With Benefits: Study Buddy Edition

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Finding the perfect study buddy is like finding the ideal partner. They have to be your better half, at least when it comes to school. They have to be serious about their work just as much as—if not more than—you are.  For college students especially, study buddies can be pretty useful. In fact, some professors even recommend it. But have you ever thought about why?

They’re Free!

Being a college student equates to being consistently broke—unless you have a decent job, be it on or off campus. That being said, why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free? Sure, having a tutor may appear to be a more legitimate alternative to trying to learn everything on your own but they cost money—study buddies are free of charge! Take advantage of your resources; they’re right under your nose.

Good Buddies Are Reliable

Let’s be honest: paying attention in class can sometimes be very difficult. We zone out, doodle, think about what we’re wearing to upcoming parties (or is that just a girl thing?) and so on and so forth. And yet, in every class, there are always some eager students…so why not pair up?

Find someone you trust to take good notes and to pay attention in class. Therefore, if you’re a slacker, don’t get a slacker buddy. If you do, be prepared to NOT get the “A” you wanted.  Use sound judgment. Always strive for excellence. But the cliché is true: two heads truly are better than one.

Now here’s the fun part: start building your study buddy relationship. Combine notes, go out for lunch and discuss the last test you took, split up some reading, maybe even just meet up to do some homework together. It’s easy-peasy. Trust me; it will make your college career a lot less stressful. And guess what? That’s just another friend on campus to add to your “cool” list.

Trade Some Skills

If you can remember only one thing from this article, let it be this: there is always room for improvement. With a study buddy, you can trade strengths and grow from your weaknesses in a symbiotic relationship of sorts. If you aren’t a grammar guru but instead a genius for coming up with interesting topics, play to that strength while your buddy plays to theirs!

Allow yourself to take constructive criticism from your buddy. What that translates into is 'don’t get defensive.' Don’t worry; you can spew constructive criticism in your buddy’s direction as well. But, do it in a way to help your buddy, not hurt them. Take into account that this is your grade too. If you both help each other, then you both win.

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