Friday Fun: 5 Celebrities We’d Love to Party With

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In the words of the ever-wise Rebecca Black, "it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday." Who do we wish we could party with this weekend? Check out our list of party-perfect celebs and dare to dream right along with us.

1. Chelsea Handler: The Good Time Gal

The author of the cult classic Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, this celeb isn’t afraid to throw back a few. And why should she be? This chick has built an entire empire around hanging out with a miniature Mexican man and asking celebrities uncomfortable questions, all while casually alluding to her possible alcohol dependency. Nervous about approaching that hottie across the bar? Chels has got you covered. Sure, it may involve her buying him a tequila shot and asking which way he swings within 3 minutes of starting the conversation, but who really enjoys small talk anyway? And the best part is if you ever get too drunk, Chelsea’s always there to steal the sloppy spotlight, allowing for your stumbling and stammering to fall under the radar. Isn’t that what party buddies are for?

 2. Prince Harry: The Actual Prince Charming

The recent emergence of the scandalous Vegas pictures only solidified what we’ve known for years–this ginger prince knows how to get down with the commoners. Not only does he have a huge heart just like his mother and one of our all time favorite free spirits, Princess Di, but has also done a tour as a Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. Kind, fun, and thoughtful–how can you not want to buy this guy a drink? Who knows, maybe you’ll even get an invite back to his palace flat for a glass of Regent’s punch and a jolly good game of Rummy. But please, no pictures.  

3. Former President Bill Clinton: The Oldie but Goodie

Whether its getting weird in the White House or making DC’s elite swoon at the Democratic National Convention, one thing is clear; this guy wears his rager face at all times–even in the most serious of cities. Who else could discuss the global economic climate, what it's like to have secret service agents, and the best advice for scoring chicks all in the same drunken heart to heart? Sure he might take your girlfriend home, but he’ll probably buy you a shot or two of Southern Comfort first to help ease the pain. Let’s just hope Hillary doesn’t mind DDing for a night.

4. Ryan Gosling: The Perfect Make Out Buddy

Take a moment, and google the following

a. “Ryan Gosling shirtless"

b. “Ryan Gosling’s butt”

c. “Ryan Gosling GQ cover”

No further justification required. 

5.      Miranda Lambert: The Wingwoman

Don’t be fooled by the singer’s sweet exterior. Listen to just one of her songs and you’ll learn that she’s one tough cookie. Listen to a few more and you’ll learn that she’s a tough cookie that doesn’t mind a drink or two. What better way to get a party started than to have a badass blonde around who can strum out a song or two? And let's not forget her sassy attitude, which is sure to keep the creeps away. And judging by her vivacious lyrics, Miranda’s no Cosmo and Lemon Drop girl, proclaiming Jack Daniels as the “the best kind of lover that there is” in her hit song dedicated to the whiskey. Just be sure to keep her away from Bill–she’s not really one for cheating men. 

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