For The Ladies: 2012 Bikini Trends

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It’s tiny, suggestive and shows off your curves in all the right places. It’s one of the sexiest things a woman can wear. Ladies, I’m talking about the bikini, and if the weather continues on this glorious upward trend, you should be purchasing your 2012 suit ASAP.

But where to start? Bikinis come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. Not that guys are going to ogle your bathing suit, but having one that stands out and flatters your body might still turn a few male heads before they start staring at the rest of you. With all this in mind, check out some of the hottest trends in bathing suits for women this year:

Vintage Inspired

Men may not quite understand the high-waisted trend, but when did we start giving a damn about what they think anyway? We wear high pants, shorts and skirts; so why not throw bathing suits into the mix? Vintage inspired suits are a bold way to stand out in a crowd of thong bikinis. Stick to basic patterns and try finding bottoms with gold or black buttons on them for added flare. Pair this with a scarf headband and call yourself Marie McDonald! (She was a famous pin up model in the 50s, Google it you lazy college student).


Remember those photos of you as a toddler with those ruffle suits that covered up your diaper? Yeah, those are back, but I swear they’re cute this time! Ruffles are a chic way to cover up those spots you may not be so confident about. They are a fun, flirty way to wear an itsy bitsy bikini without looking like you’re trying too hard to be hot!

Bra Top

Need a little lift every now and again? Let’s face it, when we’re at the beach, we want our “girls” looking their best. There is no better way to achieve optimal bathing suit cleavage than a bikini with a bra top. The top has an underwire and padding just like you’re bra, except it’s totally waterproof and comes in fierce patterns. Even if you’re not as endowed as a Victoria’s Secret model (not even they’re that endowed), the extra padding can be your secret poolside weapon.

A Halter One Piece

There is a cardinal rule in the 2012 swimwear season: if you’re going to wear a one piece, make sure it’s one with a halter. This also goes back to the vintage-inspired suit, because many one-piece bathing suits this year have a nautical, retro look. Go bold with patriotic stars and stripes, or keep it simple and classic with a LBBS (Little Black Bathing Suit).

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