For the Gleeks: CM Interviews Newcomer Kitty Wilde

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Since 2009, Glee has been warming the hearts and gracing the ears drums of millions of faithful fans. With this quirky dramedy came a host of characters that all seemed to march to the beat of their own drum (sometimes literally). 

From flamboyant to frightening, it seems every persona on Glee has some sort of charming quality; even newcomer Kitty Wilde. And while Kitty is the girl everyone loves to hate on the hit show, we promise that Becca Tobin; the actress that portrays her on Glee, is a hell of a lot more likable. We sat down with Tobin to discuss songs, school, and what it’s like being a part of this wildly popular series. 

As easy it may seem to play to the most ruthless girl at McKinley, constantly being a sour songstress has its challenges too, explains Tobin. “If Kitty feels threatened by someone, she will do whatever it takes to knock that person back down. [And] as an actor it’s easy to fall into playing the caricature of the ‘mean girl,’ and not making her real… it was important for me, as an actor, to discover Kitty’s layers.” 

As exciting as it is to play a role in the hit show, Tobin says it was pretty frightening meeting the famous group of glee-ers

“It was very intimidating to meet the cast,” she says.  But lucky for the newcomer, it didn’t take long before she considered herself part of the outrageous group. “This cast and crew make the hours fly by! Everyone is professional and works really hard on set, but we also have a lot of fun,” she said. 

When Tobin isn’t performing as a sassy songbird on set, she is a strikingly normal gal, who likes yoga, hiking, and hanging out with her Maltese. 

And how did this down to earth beauty get her start in the industry? “When I was ten, my older sister read about an audition for a production of Annie that they were doing in Atlanta and I was cast as one of the orphans…. From that experience, I aspired to be on Broadway one day,” she recalls. 

And whether you’re striving for Broadway or a B+ in that impossible class, Tobin has one key piece of advice for college students: Embrace the word ‘no,’ because you’re going to hear it a lot, no matter who you are! “And it only makes the yesses sweeter!” she says. 

Catch Becca Tobin and the rest of the Glee gang on on a brand new episode of Glee tomorrow night at 9pm on Fox.


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