Summer Intern Nightlife 101

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Besides all of the professional benefits one gets from being an intern, there are social benefits, too.  Post-work happy hours, events and dinners make for good bonding time with other interns and staff members, but where is the line drawn between business and pleasure? How can you avoid an awkward morning-after encounter without being cold and antisocial? If being an intern myself this summer has taught me anything, it’s taught me how to maintain balance between work and social life, and how to make sure the following situations never occur.

Intern Romance- I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t imagine going to work every day with someone with whom I had previous… relations. The drunken hook up with your fellow intern can turn into one hot mess the next day at work. Emotions are never a good idea to bring into the work place, especially once the drama starts. Your best bet is to keep your co-interns on the “just friends” level, and remember that they are still your co-workers even at a bar.

Drunk socializing with staff- When was this ever deemed appropriate? I understand that happy hour is a great way to mingle and bond with co-workers, but they do not need to see you chugging beers like a frat boy. Keep it classy, fellow interns. The last thing you want to do is make a fool out of yourself in front of future referrals or worse, employers. It’s not worth the hangover, especially if you have to suffer through it at work!

Using your fake ID- as important as getting to know the staff is to you, don’t overstep your limits. You are still an intern, and you are still in a professional setting. Fake IDs? Not so professional. You don’t want your co-workers getting the wrong idea about you and only thinking of you as ‘that one interns who parties too much,’ even if it is true!

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