Food in the Bedroom

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There are certain things that we cannot live without: food, water, shelter – and some would argue that sex would be another essential. That being the case, it would make perfect sense to incorporate all four elements, wouldn’t it? For the most part, we already incorporate shelter and water into our sex lives between the bedroom and the shower. Why, then, does food often get left out of the equation?

“I just think I would be focused on being dirty and sticky, so I would probably never involve food,” says Yasemin Gurgan from the University of Florida. Gurgan makes an excellent point; not only do you get extra sticky and sweaty (depending, of course, on what food you use), but there is also the aftermath of the mess.

To avoid the mess, I’d suggest moving your activity to the floor and covering the area with towels you can just toss in the wash afterwards. Or, if you’re really lazy/creative, cut open some large trash bags and lay them over the towels; extra-extra sticky and sweaty.

"Food in the bedroom “can be sexy if you do it properly, and make sure to eat it all!” suggests Kevin Rios of the School of Visual Arts. He has experimented using nutella, strawberries, and grapes, and thinks that the mess is certainly worth it.

Other sexy foods to use could be caramel, whipped cream, and oddly enough, skittles and starburst. Daphne Pozo, a soon to be a graduate of Florida International University, has used all four and says “sex should be involved in every aspect of life, including food!”

Food in the bedroom may not be the tickle to everyone’s pickle, but there is no denying that food can be sexy. If you’re afraid of a sticky sweet mess, or of just getting something stuck in an unpleasant location, be playful with your lover in the kitchen, before moving to the love-shack.

While Kate McCarthy, Sexpert and Program Manager for Sexual Health in Community Wellness at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Medical, thinks that food and sex are a hot combination, she does suggest some precautions. “It’s a bad idea to use sugary foods below the waist, because sugar combined with warmth encourages yeast and bacteria to grow. In addition, if you’re using a condom during food play, remember that oily foods can break down latex, causing a condom to break.”

It’s always important to practice safe sex, and when you’re incorporating food, it is even more important.

Food gives you energy, and you need energy for sex; so what better way to sustain your energy than by incorporating a little sexy treat in the bedroom? In the words of Kevin Rios, “eating is awesome, sex is awesome; [therefore] the fusion of the two is beautiful.”

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