Florida A&M University Sex Tape: Real or Rumor?

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Shaneika Booker>Senior>Journalism>Southern Illinois University Carbondale

“When all else fails make a sextape…lol”, was the status of almost every individual with a Twitter account last week. The hottest Twitter gossip and most viewed link was “FAMU sextape”. The Florida A&M University sex tape story quickly became one of Twitter’s multiple trending topics.



Twitter was overwhelmed with comments from students all over the United States. The following are only three of the millions of comments regarding the alleged sextape:
 “#DearGod if anybody asks I was nowhere near FAMU when that sextape was being made” (via tweak82).
 “People in the FAMU sextape #YouNeedYourAssKicked but I guess having an STD will be enuff ass whoopin” (via Josiebaby).
“Just watched FAMU sextape…smh” (via sweetfaceamber).
According to Mediaite.com the controversy all started when students at Florida A&M University received an email with a link to a video of group sex scenes. Many searched Google with the phrase FAMU sextape; this produced more than 168,000 deactivated links. Others searched YouTube for the alleged sextape only to be disappointed.
This FAMU sextape was allegedly sold to DareDormTube.com, which is a reality porn website. The site allows you to peek inside dorm rooms where college students party and have wild sex on camera.
Some FAMU students said that the sex tape was not made on their campus because of the different dorm room interior design. Other students wanted the rumors about their campus to stop.
“I would really wish that people stop talking about this so called FAMU sextape…that stuff was not on our campus…so get it right” (via cmacx10).
According to other college students, the idea of college and sex seem to fit together as one.
Shantell Sutton a junior at Southern Illinois University explained that freedom is a huge factor to many new college students. “Many students go away to college and are given freedom that they have never experienced before” said Sutton. “When you’re new to the freedom of being away from home, you tend to lose control.”
Drinking is also a huge issue with college students. Many sexual experiences on campus are associated with alcohol.
“Students drink and this can interfere with their judgment”, explained Devon Lawson a freshman at Chicago State University. “I have witnessed girls that are normally quiet, getting wild at parties after they’ve had alcohol.
Florida A&M University faced great ridicule regarding this sex tape rumor. If you have seen the alleged sex tape, you’re one of very few, and if you’re still looking for the alleged sextape, you are likely to be disappointed. Most active links that produced video footage no longer exist. Today FAMU is still the butt of many Twitter users’ jokes. Nothing lasts forever, however, and this will eventually blow over when the next scandal or sextape surfaces on the Internet.



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