The 5 Zombies You’ll Meet this Halloween

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Sure, zombies might be the living dead, but at their motionless, cold hearts, zombies are just like us. They have personality, style and each brings something new and wonderful to the Halloween table. So, it's only natural that the zombies we choose to emulate says something about us. Here are just a few zombies you may run into this Hallows’ Eve.

The Last Minute Zombie

Also know as the classic toilet paper zombie, this last ditch attempt at a Halloween costume is prominent, especially amongst the procrastinators. The amount of rolls of toilet paper used to make their costume will indicate exactly how much they waited until the last minute. Covered head to toe: had about three to four days notice. Toilet paper wrapped sparingly around miscellaneous parts of the body: remembered it was Halloween three hours ago.


The Over the Top Zombie

The complete opposite of “The Last Minute Zombie.” This zombie has been working since last Halloween to pull this costume together. They’ve bought the costume make-up, the fake blood and limbs, and found or made old, ripped clothes to wear. This zombie is in it to win it.


The Frankenstein's Monster Zombie

Taking it back to the original zombie, this guy bought all the green paint he could find and covered himself head to toe in it. He’s also got black stitching marks on his wrists, neck, and ankles and if he’s going all out, fake bolts taped to his neck. This one is a classic and is therefore only for the truly classy zombies.


The Warm Bodies Zombie

Similar to “The Last Minute Zombie” this one doesn’t take much effort, however by basing it on a movie character it’ll somehow look a little more creative. This zombie will be wearing a normal, everyday human outfit that looks a little worn out (probably from a thrift store). To complete the look they’ll have dark shadows painted under their eyes and draw some scars on their face to emphasize the idea that they’re dead. This is a quick and easy way to pull off the zombie look while also being a little different.


The Character Zombie

In an attempt to take an ordinary costume and make it more original students may take their favorite character from a book, movie, or TV show and turn him or her into a zombie. Buying the characters costume and then ripping it and marking it in “blood” and “dirt” usually does the trick. Add face makeup and now instead of having a regular Mickey Mouse, you have Mickey after the zombie apocalypse.

Whether the get up is last minute or very elaborate, make sure to beware all types of zombies this year because looks can be deceiving.

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