The 5 Best Study-Break Apps

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Let’s be honest, only a few students can truly say, “I pulled an all-nighter.” The rest of us fall into the category of cramming for a few hours, flipping through some flashcards, highlighting a textbook and then sliding into a study break. It’s unhealthy to push your mind to digest too much information at once anyways. Come midterms, you'll need to relieve your stress and settle your thoughts. Here's how.
1. Study Break!
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Once final exams are underway, you may feel like your last human contact was with the librarian who helped you find the neurological section. The Study Break app lets you create a personal calendar and then connects your free time and your friends’ free time. Simply plug in your weekly class schedule, add in the extra times you plan on studying and then share with your friends. Study Break automatically pinpoints when you and your friends share free time. The app comes with messaging features too so as your study break approaches you can coordinate a meet up.

2. Flow Free

Candy Crush and Flappybird are so last semester; it’s time for something new. Free Flow is ridiculously simple and addicting, as it tests your speed. Through over 1,000 free levels, the goal is to connect the matching colors together by creating a pipe and covering the whole board. Play modes spread everywhere from basic play mode to challenging and frenetic. So put your skills to the test and see if you have the fastest hands in the study lounge.

3. 9gag
If you’re like me, you enjoy the guilty pleasures of memes, meaningless GIFs and hilarious pictures on the Internet. 9gag, much like its cousin, reddit, combines all of these and more. Scroll through hilarious ERMAHGERD and Bad Luck Brian memes along with newsworthy photos and 9gag TV segments that will keep you busy your entire study break. I have to warn you though, I would set an alarm when you’re on this app; you will undoubtedly seep into study time.

4. Grubhub/Seamless
You’ve put in a solid three hours of studying when you hear a gargle from your stomach, running on empty. Time to eat! Grubhub is the classic online ordering app that specializes in bringing your favorite local favorites right to you wherever you are. With up-to-date menus, a lot of options and easy ordering features, you won’t have to abandon your library seat to fill up.
5. Weev
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Keep your ideas flowing during a study break with Weev, one of the iOS system's latest video sharing apps. Although it shares similar features with Vine, it's more useful for starting conversations. Created by True Blood hunk Stephan Moyer, Weev lets users ask a question, present an idea or make a statement, then puts it out for other users to view and answer. Responses get linked together and create a network of different thoughts from people all over the world. Weev was only launched this year, but users see this becoming an influential platform in apps. So if you’re having a hard time understanding your differential equations, take a break and pose a question on here. You just might get an answer.
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