Finding A Study Buddy

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It’s never too late to make new friends in college. Every person you meet is a possible friend, significant other, not-so-significant-but-fun-other or a study buddy. But the first three possibilities probably won't help you get good grades, so here are some tips on how to walk into a classroom and pick up that great study buddy.

Step 1: Look for someone who operates at your speed

Though the class overachiever might seem like the ideal person to study with, she may be way more into it than you are. Soon enough, you'll be getting calls from your study buddy for regular hang out sessions. So, if you don’t want to commit to a least some level of friendship, don’t ask this person to study with you. On the other hand, stay clear of that kid who falls asleep ten minutes into the lecture. He probably won’t be taking notes on the day you're out sick. Pick someone who participates as much as you do and more often than not, your note-taking and study habits will be similar.

Step 2: Sit next to your potential study buddy

Once you’ve got someone in mind, vow to sit next to them the next time you have class. Chances are there’ll be some point in class where you’ll have to buddy up for a project or in class co-editing. This is your chance to introduce yourself and start a conversation about the class.

Step 3: Make the first move:

Suggest studying together for the midterm. And don’t be afraid to ask for his or her number; you'll both beneift from it if one of you ever has a question on an assignment or is out sick.

Try to secure at least one study buddy per class. Having a friend in the class will give you the advantage of an extra set of eyes and ears for anything you've missed in class and help you when it comes to prepping for exams.

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