Fighting Finals With Cuteness

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With finals right around the corner (or already in action), college students tend to get really, really crazy. It’s not healthy to be pulling all-nighters and over-dosing on coffee and mini muffins. If you find yourself buried in a textbook or glued to your final essay, try to take a ten minute break every hour or so to recharge and do something awesome. We can’t think of a better de-stressor for your little break than puppies and kittens, so here are ten excruciatingly adorable animal videos you may not know about. Enjoy:

1.) For the philosophy Major

2.) If you just want to cry

3.) For the “I’m only on my third cup of coffee” drinker

4.) Unless you prefer tea

5.) If finals keep knocking you down

6.) That kid who won’t shut up in the library

7.) Don’t ever get too down on yourself

8.) For those of us who need a study buddy

9.) If you think puppies and kittens are too mainstream

10.) When it’s all over and you can PLAY!

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