Field of Dreams 2- Feat. Taylor Lautner

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It's a slow sports day, aside from tons over analyzing baseball news. That's what baseball writers do though right? There's news about how much Derek Jeter sucks and but he's sosososo close to 3,000 hits.  Albert Pujols' multimillion-dollar wrist and that dick Roger Clemens going to trial, mostly for being a dick. And potential perjury. 

Recently though, we've heard some rumblings that the NFL might unchain its doors and be open for business once again. The thought of football free agency gets me all hot and steamy. Oooooh laaaawwwdy! I'll cool it and save my gushing for a later date. In the meantime here's a star-stacked video from the people at Funny Or Die featuring Twilight heart-throb Taylor Lautner– I know he's in Twilight because my little brother watches that shit ok! Get off me about it!

Ray Lewis, Rich Eisen and Ray Liota, among others, also pop up. It's Good for a laugh while you eagerly await the return of the NFL. 


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