Fictional characters worth the fantasy

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Finally, a list of fantasy-worthy literary characters that makes no mention of Edward Cullen. In fact, no mention of Twilight at all. How refreshing. 

It’s not that occasionally imagining impossible romances with alluring fictional characters is a bad thing. Actually, it can be rather fun at times, and often a good bonding point between bookworms. But the obsession with Twilight and Stephenie Meyer’s unrealistically beautiful men took fantasy to a new and sometimes unhealthy level. 

In its heyday, the Twilight books were known to provoke girls to break up with their boyfriends because they were “not Edward enough.” But taking fantasy that far ruins the fun of it. Instead of being pleasant distractions from the sometimes-mundane dating world, characters like Edward Cullen and Jacob Black only disappointed their fans by failing to appear in the real world. Let’s face it, an inhumanly beautiful, 100-year-old vampire and a temperamental werewolf are never going to come knocking on your door. But as long as you don’t take it too seriously and dump your perfectly good significant other, scenes like that can be fun to imagine.

And if the obvious Twilight example doesn’t float your boat, The Huffington Post has some less publicized, but no less worthy, options. So check out these swoon-worthy characters, but remember, they only exist between the lines.

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