Falling In Love: Playlist

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Whether you’re preparing for a romantic date with your significant other or just a date with your single group of friends, make sure you listen to a playlist that will put you in the spirit of V-day. Get in the mood with this soothing list of songs all across the board. So as your day carries on, plug in this playlist and prepare to fall in love
We Found Love –Rihanna
One of the most popular songs of 2011 is this techno yet romantic song from Rihanna’s Talk that Talk 2011 album. Not only will it inspire you to find love this Valentine’s day but it will also encourage you to dance as well. 
Your Body is Wonderland – John Mayer
This song will really get you in a mood! This hit song comes from John Mayer’s first album released in 2002, Room for Squares. The combination of Mayer’s soothing voice and slow guitar strums makes for an extremely sweet song. Put this song on while you get ready for a date and you’ll find its impossible not to have a good time. 
Fake Empire The National
The National's version of love rings true with simplicity in this track, with slow tunes relishing in one another. "Turn the light out, say goodnight / No thinking for a little while" and you'll soon forget about that fight you had over where to eat dinner last night.
Falling For You – Colbie Caillat
You will fall in love with Colbie Caillat after you hear this song! Find yourself singing along with Caillat in no time! This along with many other songs on her 2009 album, Breakthrough, will put a smile on your face and beat in your step. 
Sex on Fire– Kings of Leon
If Mayer doesn’t get you in the mood then Kings of Leon’s single should! His voice in this song is incredible, not to mention the lyrics are on fire! You will
definitely send a hint with this song, its certainly not subtle. 
Someone Like You – Adele
Everyone has definitely heard this song and although it doesn’t necessarily go along with the theme of finding love, it is still very romantic. Adele’s tone in this song will make you realize how lucky you are to have what you do. 
Crash into Me – Dave Matthews Band
Who doesn’t enjoy a little Dave Matthews? Nominated at the 1998 Grammy Awards, this song takes every girl and guy to heaven. There is just something about this song that really hits home for a lot of people. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you can’t help but enjoy this song. 
Heartbeat The Fray
The Fray is back with a spark, singing about flaming desire and pursuing love at all costs. Isaac Slade describes intimacy and passion in this pop-rock track.
DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love Again – Usher ft. Pitbull
Although, slightly overplayed in 2010, it still has never gotten old. This is definitely a song that will put you in the mood to dance (like it’s the last night of your life). Between the musical stylings of Usher and Pitbull and the techno beat, it’s hard not move your hips to this song. 
I'm Yours – Jason Mraz
One of the most successful songs released in 2005, ladies all around the U.S. instantly fell in love with Mraz. Need I say more? Don’t hesitate to put this on your playlist and become ‘someone’s’ this Valentine’s Day
Ours – Taylor Swift
No one can doubt that Swift has experience with love, well judging by her albums at least. Even so, her songs still capture the attention of many young ladies. This song has girls everywhere updating their status’s about throwing rocks at shiny things?  Regardless, this song will prepare you for a loving V-day. 

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