Facebook Do’s and Don’ts: Spring Break Edition

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 By Alexandria Sese > Sophomore > English > University of Illinois at Chicago

Believe it or not, your Facebook account can be a factor in your job prospects and personal relationships. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to make a careless mistake and damage your reputation. With some simple guidelines, you can decide whether that Facebook post will make or break you for the rest of the year.



Party Pooper: There’s going to be some crazy parties this spring break and things that might shed a negative light on you and your friends. While there’s nothing wrong with having a great time with your friends during spring break, keep your party pictures fun and classy…for your sake and theirs.



Too Personal: Some things just shouldn’t be shared on Facebook like huge drunken blunders you did on spring break or embarrassing moments that you’d rather just forget. Anything you post can be accessed by the public and once your friends have read it, no amount of deleting will make them forget. If it’s something you wouldn’t say aloud in a room full of strangers, don’t post it.
PDA: Spring break can be a romantic time and there’s nothing wrong with showing Facebook world how giddy your spring break sweetie made you feel. For pictures of public displays of affection, it’s your best bet to keep it PG-13.
Do Gooder: If you took part in an alternative spring break program or volunteered, post it. Not only will it show people how you use your time but it can also be a way to spread awareness about the cause you spent time on. If your boss or professional contacts are on your friend list, these pictures can score you extra points with them, too.


Beach Bod: What do great spring break beaches, the beach body you’ve been working and your friends make? A great spring break Facebook photo op! While there is nothing wrong with flaunting your body, it can easily go overboard and underdressed. You might want to be remembered for looking good in a swimsuit but you definitely don’t want to be remembered as the girl who won the wet t-shirt contest.



Alcohol: Posting pictures with alcohol has a lot of potential dangers to your image. For students of legal age (Read: If you’re under 21, don’t even think about it), ask this question: Would I show this to my parents?












Of course, another failsafe precaution is taking advantage of Facebook’s privacy settings. Spring break will be filled with fun and memorable times with that you’d want to capture in picture and share with your friends. But with everything that goes online, be careful of what you decide to put your name on: your Facebook can be a source of pride but can also be a source of shame. Don’t let your spring break fun ruin the rest of the year.


College Magazine Staff

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