How to Handle the Rush of Rushing

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When I was a freshman, the whole process of sorority recruitment was foreign to me. The moment I’d walk through each sorority house doorway, I’d be instantly catapulted into a strange world of choreographed dance, infectious song, and lots of hand-clapping. The goofy skits, the senior speeches, and the fun yet slightly repetitive conversations were unexpected and new. As a 17-year-old fresh out of my suburban bubble high school, I felt like I had entered my own star-studded Hollywood musical. Now, going on four years in the Greek system, I have come to discover some helpful tips that will aid you during the rush process, regardless of what side of the door you’re on…

For the Rushers:


When potential new members enter the house, they don’t want to be greeted by a girl who looks completely bored. Nor should you look like you just got a whiff of a full week’s worth of garbage. Too many times I have seen these less-than-flattering expressions adorn the faces of rushers and intimidate the rushees.  Let’s welcome the PNMs (Potential New Members) with happy faces and not make them wonder if they suddenly sprouted a huge pimple.


When rushing a PNM, this is not your opportunity to divulge your drinking stories, personal problems, and career aspirations. No, this is the precious time you have for actually learn about the girl sitting across from you. Let her use this visit as her own 15 minutes of fame.  Not only will you make her feel special (For real: who doesn’t like talking about themselves), but it’s a great indication of her personality and, most importantly, her compatibility in the house.

For the Rushees:

Be yourself

As cliché as it may sound, this tip is absolutely essential to choosing the right sorority. Telling white lies to impress your rusher may seem like a good idea at the time, but this false impression of yourself is only temporary. If you end up in a house based on characteristics that you’ve shown that aren’t truly you, I can guarantee you will end up unhappy. If your intention is to dupe the sorority sisters into thinking you’re someone you’re not, it will be ridiculously difficult to make friends once you’ve begun pledging. 

Comfort is Key

How can you test whether you will be happy if you pledge your desired sorority? Here’s an idea: join a sorority where you’d feel comfortable walking downstairs in the morning with your hair in a messy bun and remnants of last night’s makeup staining your face. This is where you’ll be spending the next four years, so choose wisely!

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