Embarrassing Stories: Technology Edition

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Everyone loves technology and most students are using it every day. Between Facebook, Twitter, email, and cell phones, one (or all) of these things are being used daily. Unfortunately, with great technology comes great miscommunication. Sometimes these things are hilarious and used for entertainment, like damnyouautocorrect.com. However, many times a tiny mishap using some sort of technology can in turn become mortifying or disastrous. Students confess to College Magazine, some of their most humiliating dating experiences due to technology:

“During freshman year I overused my text messaging so much that the bill went through the roof. My parents were so mad that they ended up canceling my texting. Unfortunately I didn’t realize they were doing this and my boyfriend had sent me a break up text. Not knowing that I didn’t have texting anymore and not realizing that I got dumped, I proceeded to ask him to go out the next day. It was awkward.” –Laura Huron, Marist College

“A couple of summers ago I dated this guy for about a month. I ended up cheating on him with my ex about a week or so into the relationship. I had been with my ex for so long before this guy that it didn’t feel like cheating when I was with him. I started to feel guilty and texted my friend saying ‘I feel guilty for cheating on Joe.’ A few days later, I was with my boyfriend and was showing him something my friend texted me. I scrolled up a little too far and he saw the cheating text. I quickly grabbed the phone, deleted it and convinced him it was never there!” –Mary Reese, Westchester Community College

“So one day I was bored so I decided to text my boyfriend. I was joking around and say inappropriate things. He always knew I was joking around, but it was still fun to do. Well, I got a little distracted and ended up accidently sending these texts to his dad!” –Shayna Nigro, Iona College

“A few years ago, on fourth of July, I had plans to see fireworks with this guy. I had hung out with him a couple of times and he was really nice, but there was no chemistry. I began to freak out because I had a feeling that he was planning on asking me out during the fireworks. I didn’t want to reject him, but I didn’t want to date him either. I texted one of my friends asking for advice saying, 'I think Brad is going to ask me out tonight. I feel so bad cause I’m going to say no. Maybe I’ll just tell him I’m sick tonight instead.' Unfortunately, the “friend” I ended up texting was Brad. Yet somehow he didn’t get the hint! He still asked to pick me up at seven and when we were out he still asked me out! I said no.” –Cindy Guidotti, Western Connecticut State University

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