Embarrassing Stories: Roommate Edition

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There’s no denying that college brings many changes of lifestyle. There’s less of a day-to-day schedule, more personal responsibility when it comes to class, and just an overall greater independence. One thing that may hinder that newfound independence is probably one of the biggest adjustments when it comes to college life: living with a roommate. Let’s face it; sharing a tiny space with someone can yield some pretty interesting (and often hilarious) situations, especially when it comes to dating and a sex life. College Magazine readers share their most embarrassing, hilarious, or just plain disastrous stories while living with roommates.

“My freshman year roommate was a random. Her last words to me were "I have lost all respect for you, never talk to me again." Why? All because she walked in on me and my then boyfriend having sex… in her bed. Not "technically," because our beds were bunked and I was really just holding on to the rafters above her bottom bunk. But…it didn't look good. Also, it was three days before move-out and we had a meeting in fifteen minutes in the dorm lobby for everyone on the floor. My door faced the lobby… and when she opened the door she wasn't the only one who saw…” -– Katie Spargo, Appalachian State University

“I had to share a room with a really anal girl last year… My step dad came to visit me in LA one random weekend and he gave me less than 24 hours notice to get on a plane to meet him. So besides freaking out and rushing, I just left without cleaning my room up or anything. A few days later I get home and get served with papers telling me I am getting sued…because I had 2 condom wrappers on my side of the bedroom floor…” –Anne Knapke, Cuesta College

“So me and this girl were in my dorm room hanging out, not doing anything sexual. We hadn't hooked up before and so I popped in Lord of the Rings. We are watching the movie and I was laying on my bed. One thing lead to the next and she got in bed next to me. I was watching this on my computer and so it was placed on a ledge next to my bed facing my door as well. We started to have sex, but I could watch the movie at the same time. I forgot to lock my door and I guess the volume was very loud. I heard a ton of guys out in the hallway coming toward my room. My dorm was very liberal with walking into rooms and so I knew something awkward was going to happen. I heard my friend John yell my name as he flung my door open and walked in nonchalantly with a handful of guys and girls. It was pitch black so apparently he didn't see the girl I was with; he just saw the movie going on. They all came in and started watching and I didn’t stop what I was doing until finally someone turned the light on. All the girls screamed and the guys started laughing. Luckily the girl had the sense of humor to laugh it off…” – Zack Rodabaugh, Miami University

“One night I was doing homework and my roommate had her friends over. They were all chatting on her bed. One of her friends tells this story about another one of her friends signing up for this escort service and getting paid to take these lame old guys on date. They were all trying to figure out how to become escorts, how to sign up and the logistics of escorting for money!” -– *Sara Franden, The Fashion Institute of Technology

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