Embarrassing Stories: Caught in the Act

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It’s always bound to happen. We get too caught up in the moment to realize that anyone could walk in and catch us with our clothes off and in compromising…um…positions. Besides, as college students, most of us don’t have the luxury of having our own personal space to do the things we need to do privately. While it may seem like the end of the world, getting caught happens to more people than you think. Here are a few embarrassing stories from college students- names have been changed to protect the naughty.

“I took a guy back to my room, thinking my roommate wasn’t going to come back that night. We were both really drunk so when he mumbled something about my roommate’s bed, I brushed it off thinking he was wasted. Turns out he was trying to tell me my roommate was in fact in her bed.  While we were doing it, we must have woken her up. She saw everything. Probably one of the rudest awakenings she’s ever had.” -Sammy, sophomore, University of Southern California

“My friends and I got really crazy at a hotel party. We drunkenly decided it was topless Tuesday. Things got pretty wild, and two of my best friends and I ended up hooking up with three other guys in the same room (no orgy, I swear). They only made out with their guys and soon left the room. My guy and I went a little further, when we hear knocking on the door. My friends decide to barge in and pretty much catch us in the act.”-Lily, sophomore, Loyola Marymount University 

"I was home for break and my girlfriend came to visit me. My parents were out getting groceries so we decided to sneak downstairs into my game room to hook up a bit. Well mid way through I heard the door open upstairs and my mother's voice coming down the stairs. We both scrambled to grab our clothes..but it was too late. My mom yelped and rushed back upstairs. My girlfriend was mortified and couldn't look my mom in the eye for the rest of the weekend." -John, senior, University of Alabama

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