Embarrassing Stories: Blind Date Nightmares

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Yes, we’re at this stage in our lives. Reality is setting in as we see our friends get engaged, get hitched and even have kids. In the pursuit of the person we’ll spend the rest of our lives with, we experience everything from the euphoric highs to the downright devastating lows. What happens when the pressure to be in a relationship gets to you? You might agree to be set up on a blind date with someone your friend swears is “perfect” for you. And if cozying up to a complete stranger doesn’t sound awkward to you, check out these blind date horror stories.

“I had been single for a while and was interested in finding someone new. That person hadn't come up naturally in my everyday life, so when my friend's boyfriend said he could set me up with one of his good friends, I agreed. We logged onto AIM and I talked to the dude, whose name was Tim, for a couple minutes. He seemed really nice and we got along pretty well, so I was looking forward to the date. I'm pretty sure they also showed me his picture on his Facebook, and I thought he looked decently cute.

So the day came. It was a double date with me and Tim and my friend Brittany and her boyfriend, Matt (the one that set us up) to make it less awkward. We went to Tim's house to watch a movie. As soon as I saw him in person and exchanged a couple words with him, I realized…no. It wasn't going to work. I wasn't attracted to him whatsoever. Just goes to show it's really hard to tell what a person is like just from their Facebook. They can look one way in pictures but are completely different in person. He wasn't hideous or horrific or anything, just slightly awkward and not my kind of guy. Brittany and Matt cuddled up in one corner of the couch, Matt's arm around Brittany. Tim and I sat awkwardly next to each other but I was fine not cuddling with him. So when Matt took Tim's hand and forced his arm around me…I protested! Did Matt care? No. He forced Tim's arm around me and it was so awkward. Matt continued to make things awkward with comments about Tim and I… it made me really uncomfortable since I wasn't into the guy. After the date was over Tim and I texted for a bit but we never got together after that.” –Emily Sussman, senior, Ithaca College

"My worst blind date ever was my freshman year in college. My friend set me up with a guy who was in her class that she thought was just my type. Apparently she didn't know me very well, because she couldn't have picked a more opposite person for me to date. I like smart, funny and romantic types of guys. This guy was the definition of a "bro." He showed up to my place 30 minutes late dressed in a snap back hat, plaid shorts and a LAX shirt. When he got there he said "Dude, I was at the bar having a few drinks and totally forgot we had a date!" Then when we got to dinner he ordered for both of us. He got us a pizza without even asking me if I liked anything he put on it. I didn't. Then as I picked off the meat, because I'm a vegetarian he said "Oh you're one of those girls" and rolled his eyes. 

After dinner, he drove me back to my place and parked the car and tried to put his hands up my shirt. When I declined, he rolled his eyes again and said all right well "awesome" date. My thoughts exactly.." -Christina Partota, sophomore, University of Deleware 

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