The Electric Bike: A College Life Hack

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Wallet, phone, books: check. Bike helmet: check. Willpower to survive biking to class through rush hour traffic: check. Let’s do this. Another day of dodging speeding cars, avoiding aggressive bus drivers and weaving through droves of clueless college kids on their phones. Oh, and don’t forget showing up to class sweaty and panting…Deodorant: check.

While biking is cheaper than driving and faster than walking, it’s undeniable that it would be a hell of a lot easier if it didn’t require you to Lance Armstrong your way to class every day wearing jeans and a backpack. Lucky for us 2015 is here, and while we can’t yet hoverboard around campus like Marty McFly, it’s finally possible to zip around on electric bikes.

The creators of Electric Bike Nation have combined students’ bikes with electric motors, which makes trips across campus faster and easier. That hill your class is on? Prepare to fly to the top and walk into class like a boss, armpits totally dry. There is also that minor thing every college student worries about: money. Electric bikes don’t require gas, tags or parking passes, meaning that extra cash can go towards more important things like beer. Back to the Future was right, it’s 2015 and the future is now.

P.S. Electric Bike Nation is offering students $350 off on the E3 Dash with a coupon code: COLLEGEMAG.

Electric Bike Nation



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