Easter Sunday: Rex Ryan Should’ve Shut Up For Lent

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The celebration of Lent is the observance of a Christian holiday beginning on Ash Wednesday, and lasts all the way until Easter. In lieu of the holiday that is upon us, it is tradition that one abstain from using or consuming something that one favors – a sacrifice, if you will, to show one’s respect to the holiday.

In good spirit, most give up small essentials like sweets or soda. However, some of professional sports’ top athletes could take a hint from the religious sect and should abstain from certain things that they have too much of.

We all know how Joba Chamberlain got hurt. He was bouncing around on trampolines with his son and accidentally rolled his ankle. If this were an isolated incident, it would be understandable. But Joba has been injured since June 2011 with Tommy John surgery and appendicitis prior to this most recent incident. One can’t really “give up” getting injured for Lent. But if you could, Joba should have tried to abstain.

This man-made messiah is a mess. Tim Tebow is like ole faithful – when it comes to media attention, he is always there. You’d think the outrageous turn of events from last season and his blast into stardom were enough, but even during the offseason this guy gets more attention than the Big Guy himself. There has never been a press conference before to introduce the No. 2 quarterback, but leave it to Tebow to garner such attention. I am not saying it’s his fault; the media hyped this guy up beyond the heavens. But as for what Tebow should have given up all the media fame that follows him this Lent.

Now the Jets patriarch – I mean head coach Rex Ryan – has had his fair share amount of time in the spotlight. That being said, he could really take a break from talking in general. It may seem a tough sacrifice, but for someone who never abstains from saying what’s on their mind, I think it would be a good test of faith. Also, not to mention a great break for the rest of us. 

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