Drinking Game 101: Around The World

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Most people know Around the World as a simple drinking card game, but I’ve learned it can be much, much more. The version that I have recently discovered is probably the most interactive, unique and time-consuming drinking game out there. You can probably make an entire night out of it. It’s fun because you can have as many people involved as you want, you can really get creative and it’s BYOB! Here’s how it works:

Get a group of friends together who live in different dorm rooms or apartments. Divide up based on how many locations you can have. Each location will represent a different part of the world. Travel Tip: you can also play this game in a house, with every room representing a different country instead.

Once you have chosen your locations, decide what country you would like to represent. You are responsible for supplying food, drinks, and decorations that play into the theme of your country. For example, if you choose to be Mexico, serve guacamole and margaritas. For the United States, serve pigs in a blanket and a nice American beer.

Create a schedule, in 30-45 minute increments, to keep everything on track. This way, any latecomers will know exactly where they can meet up with you.

No need to pregame (or eat dinner for that matter). You are going to be drinking a lot and you don’t want to be the passenger with the barf bag. Just arrive at your first location in a timely manner and start the fun. Bon voyage! 

More Around the World themes:

1.) Spain: sangria and tapas

2.) Ireland: Bailey’s, Guiness Beer, green Jello shots

3.) Antarctica: frozen hot chocolate, alcoholic snow cones

4.) Sweden: Swedish Fish, Swedish meatballs, Svedka

5.) Italy:Prosecco and pizza

6.) France: wine, cheese and grapes

7.) Turkey: turkey sandwiches (LOL)

Photo: luvjnx at flickr.com

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