Halloween Costumes: From Minaj to Scissorhands

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Searching Halloween tutorials on YouTube may seem like a piece of cake, but try it out and you might find that you’ll be searching through average and mediocre tutorials to find the one that does the best job. These particular tutorials are done by “makeup gurus” on YouTube so they have a lot of know-how on getting as close to the inspiration as possible. They use specific items, but don’t be scared to try out something that will give the same effect if you can’t splurge or don’t own the exact item. These tutorials aren’t necessarily the “go-to” ideas, after all, Halloween only comes once a year, why not go all out?


Nicki Minaj

Not only is Nicki hot on the charts lately, but with her multiple personalities you could have a different costume each night. This tutorial is pretty straightforward and even gives you some clothes suggestions as well.


Black Swan

Pixiwoo is well known for doing amazing tutorials on YouTube and this is no exception. Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan will be a unique costume and with this tutorial you’ll make people think you belong in the movie.


Snow White Witch 

Part of the fun in Halloween comes from being something completely different than what you are every other day. And unless you’re living in the woods, brewing mysterious concoctions you’re probably not a mean, old witch. This tutorial takes you through the process, using a few advanced items, to get you looking like the witch from Snow White. 



Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands wasn’t released this year or last, so the likelihood of running into another Scissorhands isn’t likely. This tutorial, by famous makeup artist Kandee Johnson, walks you through each step guiding you to an end result Mr. Depp would be jealous of.


The Joker

The Joker is easier said than done…well. You might run into one or two or a couple other Heath Ledger (or Jack Nicholson) impersonators but this representation could land you above the others.

These are just a few ideas we found while procrastinating that paper, homework and quiz. If you can’t afford to go out and buy top brand names or are running low on your special effects Latex, have yourself a scroll around YouTube. You might be surprised with what you can find.

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