Don’t Go There: Bill to Silence Gays

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 On Wednesday, February 29, conservatives in Saint Petersburg, Russia will attempt to pass a bill that would impose fines of up to $16,700 for the “promotion of homosexuality” calling for the forced treatment or isolation of the gay community and the LGBT people were described as “subhuman.”

This bill, if passed into law, will criminalize reading, writing, speaking, or reporting on anything related to gays, lesbians, bi-sexual or transgender people. All pride parades, literature and theater that openly support the LGBT community will be banned.

The “Gay Propaganda” bill caused an international uproar and over 270,000 people world-wide have signed a petition against the isolation of the LGBT community. The petition is called and hopes to get the attention of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Flashmobs around the world are scheduled for today, including one at 12:30PM EST in New York City on 136 East 67th. Demonstrators will be wearing “gags” to represent the citizens that this bill would silence and will deliver a giant “postcard” to the Russian Embassy that will convey the message: “St. Petersburg-Don’t Go There!”

Hopefully their message is heard, and this bill is put to an end. Join the movement by going to

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