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Who among a crowd of college students does not know the feeling of needing to escape during study time. Hours and hours of papers, tests, and projects loom ahead, and all that study time has to be broken up somehow. This is where the internet comes in, and not just the normal internet, but the strange, the bizarre and the time-consuming internet that you will be angry you now know about.



A website that takes photos from architectural and design magazines and puts existential or bizarre captions. It’s strangely addicting.


Have you ever had the experience where you listen to a song and find yourself wondering if you’ve heard it before? The creators of this website must have thought the same thing, and their song clips show that nothing seems to be new in music these days. Also, it’s fun to listen for hours.


Arguably the best website to ever be created. The click of a button brings you to, well, the most useless websites known.


Although Movember may be officially over, you can still get your facial hair fix with this quirky website.


Pages and pages of awesome people hanging out together. What else could you really want while not studying?


The hotspot of total interesting nothingness. But really. It’s addicting.


You know when you type into google and the ideas for what google thinks you want to type come up? This website turns them into poetry


There is nothing more that can be said except this is an amazing website and one that needs to be continuously blocked while studying because it is so easy to watch several hours of cute-ness.


The woman who draws this understands the plight of the busy college student. Her earlier posts talk about being a student herself. Her quirky drawings, hysterical stories and hipster-inspired drawings and plethora of Harry Potter content makes this site especially awesome.


The original, the magical, the time-sucking hole of the Internet that is I waste so much time.


Hopefully with this arsenal of mindless websites to occupy your time when you should be studying, you will ace all your exams.  Good luck!



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