Do-Not-Do List for Dating

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You want to be a memorable date, but not for the wrong reasons. While you may know not to babble on about exes, or even worse, compare your date to a past partner, there are certain specifics that you aren’t always reminded about. 

Once you’ve managed to score a date, you should simply avoid obsessing over it. Whoever asked you out is asking you because of what they’ve already seen in you, and the more you craze over your date, the more likely you are to get carried away over-thinking each detail and ruining it.

“I really think that it is important not to have unrealistic expectations going into a date, but to just focus on getting to know the person,” said Diana Giunta, a student at the University of Vermont. “If you already have what you think of the relationship set in your mind this could close you off from really seeing what someone is like.”

This also applies in talking to your date. Don’t start off with lies or play up your future plans as future Supreme Court Justice or the takeover host of Samantha Brown’s World, just be honest.   

While Hollywood plays up romance on a date, there’s no reason you can’t be more creative than going out to dinner and a movie on a Friday night, which leads to the next point: be prepared for anything.

You probably have an idea of the place where you’ll be going, so dress appropriately: absolutely no carpenter jeans for guys (where do people still find these!) or six-inch heels for girls. Giunta added that she would avoid dressing too casually or fancy for the occasion.

If you’re a planner, remember to avoid “changing” yourself within the few days you have between setting a date and going on it. This means you should avoid getting a haircut, your first brazilian wax, and a spray tan the day before your date. Not only will you be orange and uncomfortable, but also, half of those things aren’t going to be noticed unless they look ridiculous.

Simple things to remember are mouthwash and looking like you took more than two seconds to get ready. Also, when you eat, please avoid making awful chewing or gulping noises and don’t get anything messy or smelly.

Most importantly, do not cancel at the last minute. If you’re going to commit to a date, commit to it and don’t be the indecisive jerk that can’t follow through.

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