Do Me Wrong: CM Interviews Soulful Rock Musician Jordan Corey

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Adele, Duffy and Grace Potter are the sultry soul pop voices that have gotten me through every break-up and heartache. So when “Rolling in the Deep” starts to sound like a broken record where should we turn? Here comes Jordan Corey to the rescue.

Jordan Corey dropped her EP Do Me Wrong, in early March and is hitting the radios this spring. Her style is full of funky toe tapping and soulful ballads that are so reminiscent of Amy Winehouse that I find myself thinking #toosoon, but more so #sorrynotsorry. “Take it Back” is deliciously sassy and Jordan’s first single, “Tonight” is the first track on my “doing my hair while getting ready to go out to the club” playlist. Usually the range of soul rock music ranges from heartbreak to… heartbreak, but Do Me Wrong is especially impressive in its variety.

Jordan Corey broke into the music scene 3 years ago, and after graduating from the University of California Santa Barbara, Corey’s music has been expanding into social media through Spotify and she told me how she’s made, “A really organic fan base through Twitter and Facebook.”

Now that she’s touring, Jordan Corey is enjoying tastes of fame as she gets booked for bigger and bigger venues but still prefers the smaller stage. “It’s more intimate and a smaller venue means I see more faces.” Clearly, her music is about the personal connections as songs like “Heart of Stone” breaks you to pieces with a stiff upper lip. 

Every artist has a dream for their music. Some want it to be the song playing into the headphones of an angsty pre-teen in the throes of break-up or just the sound in the background at Starbucks. Jordan Corey says she was first inspired growing up with Motown on the radio, and is really excited to hear her music on car speakers. Even though Do Me Wrong has bits of pop in it, I see the EP as a very classic sound with an indie twist, so I asked her how she puts in the twist. She explains, “Lately indie has become a lot different than just being an independent label. Indie is music that’s not trying to fit in.” And so this is why her natural sound is so comforting. Do Me Wrong isn’t over-produced or trite. The music is heartfelt and hits hard. Do Me Wrong was done so right and I can’t wait until she releases a full album. 

I highly recommend Jordan Corey to soul pop new comers and seasoned die-hard alike. Check out her new video “Tonight” here:


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