Do Guys Even Notice?

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Let’s get real, guys are confusing. Some college women believe that the only way to get their attention is if we look ‘picture perfect’. Looks are the first things guys see, right?

We go through make up and different outfits to try to reach that picture perfect image. And most guys don’t understand that we get made up for them. Picking out an outfit, making sure your hair is perfect and doing tricks with make up to make your eyes pop is part of what makes going out fun. But do guys even notice whether or not we’re wearing a new dress or if we’re all dolled up?  

We questioned several guys on the things they actually notice.

I definitely notice if they aren’t wearing makeup. They just look different. You can see the make-up on their face,”said Terrence Houston, a sophomore from Blinn College.  “It’s easier to tell with girls who aren’t as pretty without it. Those are the girls who usually look tired or sleepy without makeup. I don’t notice when they have a hair cut or not though, unless it’s a big difference.”

Houston, surprisingly, isn’t the only one who notices makeup and hair cuts.

I notice haircuts, but if it’s just a trim it’s not that noticeable,” said David Farris, a junior from Texas State University. “I hate when girls wear makeup. I notice when they wear it because I grew up with two older sisters.”

Like Farris and Houston, many guys notice when girls wear make up, but some don’t mind it as much as others. Kris Ward, a freshman from the University of Texas in San Antonio, told us what he thinks about make up on girls and when it matters to him.

“Yes, I notice makeup and I hate makeup I would prefer if the girl I’m talking to or dating does not wear makeup,” said Ward. “If she gets make up on my clothes, I can’t stand that. But if it’s a girl I’m not talking to, I really don’t care.”  

So guys do notice when you’re wearing makeup and the verdict is that they like the more natural look. In this case, less is more.

Once you start dating someone, now what? You’ve got their attention, but how do you keep it? Good looks can only get you so far. In relationships, women try to do things to show their man how much they care for them. Like in Destiny’s Child song Cater 2 U (we should all know and love that song), we always try to take the stress off of our significant other’s mind by doing little things, like cooking them dinner. But do those little things go by unnoticed? They say it’s all about the little things in a relationship.

"I love it when a woman cooks for me," said Aaron Davis, a junior from the United States Naval Academy. "There are other little things that really impress me like if the girl opens the door for me before I can. Dual-chivalry will take a girl a long way."

Family and friends are also big factors when it comes to dating someone. Sometimes, it's even a deciding factor. 

I love how she gets along with my family," said Brian Lopz, a junior from San Jacinto College. No girl has ever taken the time to really have an interest in my family, and she does. That really means a lot to me considering that my family is a big part of my life.”

Some of us aren’t so lucky to have a guy who appreciates every thing you do for them. If your man is not noticing the little things and you’re starting to feel unappreciated, let him know. Like I said, they’re hard to read and they probably don’t even notice. You both should feel appreciated in the relationship. If you’re not happy, find someone who will make you happy and will let you know how lucky he is to be with you. Besides, if you’re doing all these things just for him, he should feel lucky to be with you.   


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