DIY Summer Nightlife

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RT @MircatManor I get that having bbqs during summer is the thing to do, but if I have to eat one more hamburger I might vom #summergirlproblem

The summer barbeque and bon fire are two classic examples of summer entertaining. They are perfect for the suburbanite looking to gather with friends or even the city dwellers looking to escape the bright lights and expensive drinks for a night. However, these ongoing traditions are so familiar and expected that they can often get repetitive and mundane (hence our ‘summer girl’s’ problem). Luckily, there are ways of avoiding hosting a backyard bust with some creative adjustments and fundamental elements. These easy steps will help you save your summer nightlife, one tiki torch at a time.

Switch Up Your BBQ

The usual hot dogs and hamburgers can get pretty boring. Instead, try grilling up some marinated chicken or fish, or add spices to your burger patties. Keep the toppings buffet style, and use fun ingredients like guacamole, onion rings and goat cheese. Food Network Magazine has come up with some great international hot dog ideas, too!

Keep The Music Playing

There is nothing more awkward than the end of an iPod playlist and the room going silent. With music blogs like The Kollection and you can download hours of good music for any occasion, all in one playlist, all for free.

Make Sure There is Plenty of Space

While having an outdoor party it is especially vital that you keep your guests comfortable. Get a count of the maximum number of people that could show up and make sure there is a chair for everyone. No one wants to have to eat his or her burgers or spend the entire night standing. This goes the same for if you are having a bon fire. Make a large enough circle around your fire pit so everyone has somewhere to sit if they would like.

Speaking of Bon Fires…

Stock up on supplies! The proper bon fire is fully equipped with the following: folding chairs, marshmallow roasting sticks, a cooler with beverages and, of course, the essential S’mores ingredients: marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers. Keep a garbage bag nearby, so guests can easily dispose of their trash and you won’t have to worry about a lawn full of litter.

And Finally…

Have fun! Entertaining is supposed to be enjoyable for both your guests and you. Avoid stressing out and running around during the party by preparing everything in advance, and having friends help out with the grilling. Make sure you are able to socialize with your guests and not just serve them. After all, they’re there for you!

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