DIY Projects for College Success

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If I could, I would major in arts & crafts. Who doesn’t love a good tangle with some fabric paint and Mod Podge? Lately, I’ve been feeling very crafty. I even built my own silkscreen and made patches! I need a little more practice, but soon I’ll be good enough to maybe even sell some and make a little extra cash (which is another upside to crafting—it doesn’t cost a lot but can be worth a ton). It’s also great for birthday present ideas—who doesn’t appreciate something made from blood, sweat and tears?

So, if you haven’t done extensive crafting before, where do you start? Well, lucky for you there are a ton of websites (like Pinterest, Homemade Crap and Instructables) that I have spent hours and hours going through. Now that it’s summer, I’m looking for crafts I can make that will help me stay organized this year while adding a little style to my room.

Door Organizer

Where you can store everything you usually forget while you’re running out of the door!


Funky Coat Rack

To add a little color to your boring walls and to make some room in your closet.

Corner Shelves

If you don’t have a lot of space in your room, stack a few of these in each corner! They’re super cheap and can be painted or decorated to match any décor.

Secret Storage

If you have a lot of unnecessary stuff you don’t exactly know what to do with, throw them all in boxes and then make those boxes nice enough to store on your bookshelf!

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