Disastrous Dating Stories: Getting Ready Gone Wrong

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Dating can be a confusing experience. You learn about your date and you realize things about yourself– your pet peeves, values and future goals. Sometimes, dating teaches you lessons you may not have expected…like when I was fourteen, I learned that I needed to test out skin products on a small patch of skin first. After applying self-tanner all over my body to impress a guy I liked, I broke out in angry red hives. To make matters worse, the party we were going to was a pool party. 

College Magazine readers share their most embarrassing, hilarious or just plain disastrous moments while preparing for a date.

“The week before a dance, I went for a run and was sort of zoned out. I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye so I turned and wasn’t paying attention for a moment. Most of the time, this is something completely consequence-free. Unfortunately for me, I ran into a pole and had a huge mark on my face for the dance. When my date and his friends found out about the story they kept teasing me with that line from George of the Jungle…. “Watch out for that tree”….er, pole in my case” – Mary Kries, University of Notre Dame

“One time I was supposed to go out with someone and I washed a shirt I had just bought like a week before and was really excited. When I took it out of the dryer it was like two sizes too small. Not ideal at all!” – Amanda Schlott, Castleton State College

“We were helping my friend get ready for her birthday (Bethany)… my other friend (Ashley) had brought out the birthday gift (a sexy little outfit for her boyfriend's pleasure) and told Bethany she needed to wear that instead… needless to say when the boyfriend came over to pick her up, Bethany was not ready for the date because we were all laughing so hard from the gift…. and on top of it, when he found out why we were laughing he got really embarrassed because it was technically for him” –Dana Bizon, Wentworth Institute of Technology

“I was getting ready for a date, and [have] super curly hair so I started straightening it and burned myself on the forehead. I clearly had an obvious burn mark [and] it was really embarrassing” –Lizzie Kennedy, Castleton State College

“My friend recently […] was getting ready to go see a movie with some guy friends. She had just taken a shower and was chewing gum. While getting dressed, the gum fell out of her mouth. She couldn't find the gum anywhere, but figured it had fallen under a chair or something. Right before the movie, she went to the bathroom, and quickly realized where the gum had gone. It had fallen into her panties as she was putting them on and was stuck on her. She had to sit through the entire movie with gum down her pants” – Sarah Kelsey*, University of Portland


*Name has been changed

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