Disastrous Dating Stories: Breakup Edition

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College Mag readers share their most embarrassing, hilarious, or just plain diastrous break-up moments:

“I once was dating a guy who I had met through one of my best friends. He was really nice, smart and I thought we really clicked. We were dating for about six months and I was out with my family one night at a restaurant downtown. He had told me he was going out to the bar with a few friends then was going to come over later. While at dinner my dad kept glancing behind me looking very confused and finally said, “Isn’t that your boyfriend?”  I turned around to see my boyfriend at dinner with my best friend who had hooked us up. I was immediately infuriated and walked over and poured a drink on his head and said a few things out of anger that made a few couples around us gasp. I stormed out of the restaurant and didn’t answer his calls for a week. When I finally did answer, I learned that they were out at dinner discussing what he should get me for my birthday. However, as relieved as I was, he said he would never date a girl who jumped to conclusions and didn’t trust him.” – Emily Koviski, University of Tennessee

“I had a girlfriend my senior year of high school going into college who decided to go to a different school then I did. We decided to try and make it work even though we were almost six hours away from each other. Well a month or so into school I met a girl in my dorm building who was really hot and really sweet and I was definitely starting to like her. One Friday night we were hanging out in my dorm and talking when she told me how she had a huge crush on me and really wished I was single. Well I told her that I definitely had a crush on her and that my girlfriend was so far away that she would never know anyways so we started making out. Well in the middle of hooking up with her, my phone rang and it was my girlfriend. I ignored it. Well two minutes later I got a text saying, ‘Your girlfriend is so far away that she would never know, unless her boyfriend is too much of an idiot to realize he pocket dialed her. You’re a moron. We’re over.’ She got one thing right for sure, I’m a moron.”  – Max Brown, Southern New Hampshire University

“My girlfriend at the time and I were dating for about 5 months and I thought things were going really great. She was leaving for vacation with her family so I took her out for dinner at her favorite restaurant and bought her flowers since I wouldn’t see her in a week. At dinner she was acting very strange and distant so I asked her what was wrong. She then blurted out pretty quickly, “Well you see, I’m going to Florida for a week and I really want to meet guys. So I don’t think we should date anymore. Sorry.” I was in shock for a minute and didn’t say anything so she continued with, ‘It’s actually good you asked so don’t be upset, I was just going to cheat on you and not tell you, but I think this is probably better so I don’t feel so bad when I hook up with someone else.’” – Camden Miller, La Roche College

“About two years ago my boyfriend and I were about to celebrate our one year anniversary by going to Ocean City for a weekend. The night before we were about to leave he asked if he could invite a guy friend to come along. I was upset because it was supposed to be a romantic weekend alone, but I agreed anyways and decided to bring one of my girl friends as well. We hung out at the beach all day and were having a good time but I was getting a bit jealous when I noticed my friend flirting with my boyfriend. I blew it off as just her being friendly and didn’t think anything of it. Well in the middle of the night I woke up and noticed my boyfriend wasn’t in bed with me and so I got up to go to the bathroom. That’s when I saw my boyfriend and my friend in the living room making out on the couch. I screamed at both of them, and my boyfriend’s friend came running out to see what all the noise was about and to my surprise yelled at my boyfriend standing up for me telling both of them to get out. It ended up pretty well though, because the rest of the weekend my boyfriend’s friend comforted me and we spent a really great time at the beach and eventually started to fall for each other. That was three years ago, and we are still together.”– Alexa Bailey, Bluefield State College

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