Defrosting Glee: The Spring Premiere

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Like all the #Gleeks across the country, I was seated in front of my television promptly at 7:55 on Tuesday evening, anxiously awaiting the spring premiere of Glee. After a two month hiatus since February 21, Glee returned to the Fox network with the episode “Big Brother” to kick off its spring season.

The previous episode, “On My Way,” had left Gleeks in an emotional frenzy: there was Karofsky’s suicide attempt, the New Directions’ victory at Regionals, and of course, Quinn’s serious car accident in the forty-five minute episode (texting and driving? You know better than that Quinn!). The culmination of the winter season introduced several dramatic plot twists that needed serious explaining in this week’s premiere. 

The return of Glee, however, was more lighthearted than this Gleek anticipated. Karofsky’s storyline did not make the cut, and Quinn’s accident was addressed in a quick, less-than-impressive monologue delivered by Quinn herself. “Texting and driving was the dumbest thing I ever did,” she said, “except for sleeping with Puck.”

There is the possibility that she may never walk again, but that sentiment was largely overshadowed by a new, playful relationship with Artie and a trip to  the skate park. I, personally, was expecting more time in the hospital and a few more tear-jerking moments with the rest of the Glee club. For once, I found myself agreeing with Rachel, who wondered how they could all be sitting around and planning senior ditch day with Quinn in a wheelchair, possibly for life.

But never fear, there was still the appropriate dose of drama, spurred by the introduction of Blaine’s older brother, Connor Anderson (Matt Bomer). The sibling rivalry produced a harmonious mash-up of Duran Duran and an angsty version of “Fighter” by Blaine, whose intense vocal put Christina to shame.

Sue continued to gain points with Gleeks as she softened her attitude toward the Glee club and admitted her admiration for their decency. After learning her baby may have Downs Syndrome, Sue actually might be turning into the maternal figure we all knew she could be. “Might” is the keyword there, folks.

The episode closed with a terse argument between Finn and Rachel about, you guessed it, their future as a couple. I thought I’d be sad to see these two characters graduate at the end of this season, but lately, I’m ready to say farewell to their unrealistic romance and ridiculous story line. Yes, getting married is a bad idea. No, the writers will not let them go through with that. They better not, or this show is one step away from turning into “The Secret Life of The American Teenager.”Gag.

With a few more episodes until the season three finale in May, several loose ends are waiting to be tied. Will Quinn regain the use of her legs? Will Finn and Rachel get married (ugh) and will Emma and Will tie their knot? Will Sue have her baby and refrain from insulting it until it is old enough to formulate a comeback? It’s safe to say the next few weeks will be eventful for the characters and Gleeks alike.

Tune in to Glee on Fox on Tuesdays at 8PM EST. It’s bound to be an exciting season!


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