Daytime Sparkle

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As a fashion enthusiast, I like to break the rules— rules like “you can’t wear white after labor day,” “less is more,” (especially that one) and “don’t feed the animals.” I especially like to toy with the adage that glitter, sequins, and all things sparkly are reserved only for nighttime events. So false! In fact, I think the best time for sparkle is during the day, when it can catch the light and blind any judgmental passers-by.

There’s just one guideline: You can’t wear head-to-toe gobs of glitter; resist the urge to don your new sequin mini-dress with that glitter-encrusted handbag and matching platforms (which are obviously these). Instead, choose just 1 sparkly item and juxtapose it with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Take the looks below, for example – I styled one around a sheer, sequined tee that basically screams “Take me out on the town!” But no, no way… I’m taking you to the grocery store, and adding a cozy neutral sweater, distressed jeans (of the painter/carpenter variety), oversized earthy jewelry, a slouchy bag, and contrasting satin flats (multiple textures, people). With these casual additions, the sequin tee moves away from its original fancy-pants demeanor and instead becomes unexpectedly chic and totally daytime-appropriate. It completes one of those outfits that will make other girls wonder, how did she think to put those pieces together? Because you’re a fashion savant, that’s why.

The next look achieves a similar awe-inspiring affect. Focused around a pair of grandpa-chic glitter loafers, I tossed in some neutral, undeniably casual basics that will let the shoes really stand out when I’m walking my dog at high noon. Cropped skinnies are a must; grab a pair of slim, loose-fitting cotton pants, cuff them at the ankle, and voila! Step 1 complete. Next, add a simple pullover knit, preferably one with a super-cute bow and an Isabel-Marant-ish oversized quality to it. Minimal jewelry and a rumpled cognac shoulder bag are the only accessories you really need! 



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