The Day that Never Ended

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By Kate Winderman
This actually exists. A giant pink rabbit in the hills of Italy. My first weekend trip?

I have never been as updated and informed about celebrity gossip as I am today. Things like this tend to happen when you spend eleven hours in various airports, 8.55 hours on a plane to Italia, and have nothing to do but catch up on the latest of the Brangelina saga.

What a day. Getting to the airport, I don’t think I’ve ever been that nervous. I had a pretty relaxed attitude about my upcoming

Romeventure, but as soon as I set foot in the airport my belly became the temporary residence of a large family of butterflies and my teeth chattered as if I had a sudden bout of hypothermia.
But of course it has also been a very exciting travel experience. I have met some lovely people already and have mastered falling asleep sitting up (thanks to Sufjan Stevens). I even got so excited on the plane about the free wine and my sudden confidence to say "vino rosso per favore" that I totally forgot that consuming alcohol and taking sleeping pills isn’t exactly recommended. Which explains this stream of consciousness-esque blog for which I don’t even apologize.
But I bet that if you were on your way to spending the next four months in the middle of a beautiful, spaghetti-eating boot, you’d be deliriously excited, too.
This actually exists. A giant pink rabbit in the hills of Italy. My first weekend trip?
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