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Techies of the world had a collective nerdgasm last Monday when Adobe officially unveiled its latest software upgrade, Creative Suite 6. CS6 will include enhanced versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more of your favorite Adobe programs. It’s basically a web designer’s wet dream. Here’s the breakdown:

Calling All Photo Editors!

We all know Photoshop can do more than just edit out red solo cups from your Facebook Timeline. But the newest version has undergone a pretty extensive facelift that gives you even greater photo editing power. Photoshop’s new Mercury Graphics engine allows for practically instant results while editing images. Not to mention the 3D performance boost upgrades, video-editing tools and a boatload of other new features sure to make even the most experienced photo editors weep with delight.

Love Digital Art?

Sick of that black and white marble covered notebook? Redesign your life with original patterns on Illustrator, which now makes it easy to repeat seamless vector patterns. For students with serious digital projects, fear tracing organic images no more, there’s a new vector tracing option that’s faster and easier to use. Digital artists and creative pattern designers also have the benefit of the Mercury performance system to increase speed and stability.

Newspaper Layout Junkies, Listen up!

Do those late nights of fighting with InDesign on your high school newspaper haunt you in your sleep? If only InDesign CS6 was around back then to give you pixel-perfect power over all design and typography. Plus, now you can create your latest paper, newsletter, yearbook, magazine with beautiful pages that translate easily to print, tablet and mobile.

Got Cloud?

Creative Cloud is a new service that will allow you to download Adobe programs, store your created works, share them and have faster access to new apps and features. Creative Cloud will only set you back $50 a month for a one-year subscription, which might be more attractive than shelling out thousands of dollars upfront.
Adobe’s makeover has it looking sleeker than ever before. And students receive 80 percent off all CS6 products. If you master these Adobe skills during college, your advantage in the job market will be well worth your investment.
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