Crazy About Acting: A Q&A With Melissa & Joey’s Rachel G. Fox

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It seems like Rachel G. Fox has a thing for playing crazy. The young actress – who has been acting for about six and a half years – has played the manipulative Kayla Huntington on Desperate Housewives and the stuck-up Holly Reback on ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey, not to mention a homicidal guest spot on Private Practice. The weird part? She’s a sweet almost 16-year-old girl getting ready to learn how to drive and who happens to have a high school degree (through online classes). Fox talked to CM about insanity, acting and being a teenage Hollywood veteran:
On going to college…
I am never against a lot of education. I don’t have any college plans in my young life, but I do plan to go back [to school] in my adult life.”
On success at such a young age…
It’s insane and thrilling and really awesome to see all the hard work paying off. It’s all extremely exciting and I’m as happy as can be.
On her favorite roles, especially a “fun, twisted role” part on Private Practice that involved stabbing her character’s sister…
I love every role for their different qualities and special things I’ve gotten to do with them. I don’t know why I get cast in those [crazy roles]. I swear I’m sane!
On working with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence…
They’re funny, professional and set the aura for the sett. It’s an insanely happy and comfortable set. 
On this season of Melissa & Joey
Holly is going into therapy and toning down her overbearing kind of ways. I like how my character is taking a turn for the better. [She teased that Holly will be going through another change this season.]
On actors she would like to work with one day…
“My two that I’m dying to work with are Colin Firth and Meryl Streep. They do what they do so well. They play really memorable characters and bring scripts to life.
On roles she wants to play one day…
I’d love to play a girl in a rock band because I think it’d be really cool to do a movie with music. [She plays guitar in two real life bands.]
On how to find success with acting…
“Make sure that you’re acting because you passionately love it. Don’t do it for the fame or fortune. Do it because you enjoy the craft.
Make sure to follow her on Twitter (@RachelGFox) and catch Melissa & Joey on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.
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