65 Days Till Spring Break: Underground Parties in Europe

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What if your French kisses this spring break actually happened in France? This spring break, imagine dancing in a piazza with your feathered masked and beaded necklaces, drinking wine. It turns out that traveling to Europe for spring break can be even cheaper than a trip to Mexico.

Travel companies like Bus2Alps offer awesome spring break and weekend travel packages for students looking to explore Barcelona, Paris, Florence, London and more. Mike LaPorta, a Bus2Alps rep with over 4 years of Europe partying experience, gives CM the run down on wild festivals, adventures and underground nightlife.

Carnival, Venice Italy

Think Mardi Gras, but add thousands of people from around the globe ready to party. Carnival features all your typical spring break elements – singing, dancing in the street, masks, beads, silly string and confetti galore. Make sure to bring plenty of wine to keep the social courage flowing as you dance until 4am with music blasting in the outdoor piazzas.

Easter Weekend, Greece

Looking for a place to jet to for the long Easter weekend? Try celebrating like the Greek gods and join hundreds of other students from around the world. Bus2Alps offers students an Easter weekend trip with a pink toga party, Booze Cruise, ATV Safari and sea kayaking. This mini trip attracts over 600 students to stay at the Pink Palace resort. “You hear about Greece, but you don’t expect it to be this giant party. It is very college-oriented…it’s the biggest party event of the semester,” said LaPorta.

Springfest, Munich, Germany

This mini Oktoberfest, aka “mini Disney world for adults,” is Munich’s secret, ensuring fewer tourists and attracting more locals. Springfest has all the wonderful beer drinking of your classic Oktoberfest without having to worry about getting up at 5 a.m. to snag a spot under the beer tent.

Las Fallas, Valencia, Spain

Similar to Carnival, this festival hosts a giant parade in which the city is decorated with more than 700 symbols and giant papier-mâché sculptures. The best creation is saved in the Fallero Museum, while the rest are set on fire. Everyone continues to shoot off fireworks and party all night in the streets.

St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin, Ireland

Yes, it’s a holy day for the Irish community. But in Dublin, it’s also one of the most authentic celebrations, where students will undoubtedly end up drinking beer with the locals while dancing on tables. “It isn’t just an ‘everyone go to church and pray day,’ it’s actually a really big party,” LaPorta said.

Interlaken, Swiss Alps

This village is home to one of the longest men’s downhill race in the professional world cup, the Lauberhorn. Bus2Alps takes students on every thrill imaginable: skydiving, snowboarding, night sledding, canyon jumping, paragliding and more. And don’t worry about emptying your savings on one trip; Bus2Alps travelers receive discounts on all adventure sports.

Last year 11,000 students traveled with Bus2Alps. They offer all the rides, accommodation, trip guides, walking tours and exclusive discounts at each location. For more information check out the Bus2Alps website, www.bus2alps.com.

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