College Links: The Home Stretch

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to go home. Can’t I just click my ruby slippers (every guy owns a pair of those, right?) and magically be back in Pittsburgh and away from the hell that is finals week? One day someone will invent footwear that allows for teleportation, but until then we all have to suck it up and hit the books. Just a few more days guys, then we’re home free, literally! That light at the end of the long dark finals tunnel is approaching. You know what can get you to salvation quicker? Lightening your load with these fun and informative articles that’ll make you momentarily forget about those pesky exams:
1.) Let’s be honest with ourselves: no generation is as inherently awesome as the 18-29 Millennials. Check out College Cure’s infographic about exactly why my generation is the best one in the history of the world. Hyperbole is the best thing ever!
2.) I know the thought of weeks of nothingness over winter break might sound heavenly, but, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to get bored pretty quickly with nothing to do. Let Hack College know what your plans are to stay productive over this year’s break.
3.) The “perfect internship” might be out there for your somewhere, but you might have to broaden your search a bit in order to find it. Intern Queen Inc. doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with straying a little outside your idea of  perfection when it comes to internship hunting.
4.) There may be something festive about turning your street into Candy Cane Lane (thanks for that, New Girl), but all those lights aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. TalkNerdy2Me says it doesn't take much to stay green this holiday season.
5.) Liven up the traditional gift-giving frenzy with either a Secret Santa or a Yankee Swap party! Don’t know how to do that? Let Small Kitchen College be your example.
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