College Links: Surviving Finals

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Tis the season to be…productive? Finals are no longer a looming threat, but an annoying reality. As much as college students would rather be Christmas shopping, hanging out with friends before winter break or driving rusty nails through their eyes, they will inevitably be glued to their computers or textbooks until the end of finals season. Which means there will be plenty of time to do things other than studying! Check out these entertaining and informative links designed to get college students through this decidedly unjolly time of year:
1.) It’s easy to devolve into long study nights of sustaining yourself on nothing but Monster and cheez-its during finals season, but you can avoid those terrible choices with on-the-go-salads-in-a-jar. See Hack College for more information on this healthy and easy to make snack choice.
2.) No one is better at finding distractions than a college kid with a big test he or she should be cramming for. College Info Geek knows where college students go to procrastinate and the best ways to take these distractions out of the studying equation.
3.) Your brain gets a pretty good workout during finals season, which is exactly why you should make time to keep its juices pumping with – gasp! – reading for pleasure. Let Intern Queen tell you how you can keep your brain strong and healthy by picking up a book once in a while.
4.) Another avoiding distractions article? Just what the doctor ordered! TalkNerdy2Me offers its own take on how to survive finals season and even namedrops a College Magazine playlist!
5.) Small Kitchen College joined the finals season survival guide frenzy with a fresh approach: “rationalizing away your stress.” What exactly does that mean? You’ll have to check it out for yourself to find out!
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