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Guess what guys: we can finally start counting down the days until winter break without that feeling of depression we get when we realize just how far away those coveted weeks of laziness truly are. We’re in the home stretch, which means different things to everyone. This is the busiest time of the semester for some, but for others (me) it’s a time to appreciate how little work you have compared to, say, those poor, poor engineering students. Instead of rubbing all your free time in your busy friends’ faces, check out these fun and informative links that are sure to pique your interest:

1.) Spring break isn’t exactly around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about your options yet. Prepare for spring break 2011 by checking out what Panama City Beach has to offer.

2.) There’s nothing wrong with being a fighter, as long as you channel your aggression and spirit into something positive. See what TalkNerdy2Me has to say about fighting the good fight.

3.) While you prepare for finals, think about earning a little extra spending cash for holiday gifts. With, you can post your notes and make $20 or more that you can spend on alcoh…I mean pens and calculators. That’s more accurate, right?

4.) “A new bill will allow the U.S. government to block Americans from visiting websites.” Wait, what? College Info Geek isn’t happy about this, and for good reason.

5.) To find the perfect holiday gifts for your friends, just creep their Facebook pages. Hack College shows you how to get some electronic help with coming up with gift ideas this holiday season.

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