Cold Winter Must Haves

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By Jennifer Davis> Junior> University of Maryland

It seems like winter is here and is here to stay. With the frigid cold temperatures, leaving the house seems like a daunting task. The wind is whipping in your face, the chill spreads and all you want to do is stay indoors, but when you have to take the inevitable trip outdoors I am sure you will want to stay warm but still look cute. The best way to do this is through warm weather accessories. From hats, gloves and scarves, there is an endless array of cozy accessories to choose from


As 60 percent of heat is lost from your head, when the temperatures drop, it is important to make sure you have a cute hat or headband to combat the chill. Now, I am one of those people that look terrible in a knit cap, but there are other alternatives. If a hat is not your style, try a knit headband. Anthropologie’s “Wintermallows Headwrap” is a stylish alternative. The flowers on the side add a cute touch and make it much more than an average headband.
Scarves always add an extra layer of protection from the cold. Circle scarves seem to be the must have scarf of the season. They are easy to wear and always seem to look cute even when you are not trying. Both Madewell and J.Crew have some great circle scarves that are sure to strike anyone’s fancy.
You cannot round out winter accessories without a great pair of gloves. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of knit gloves, but if you are looking for something a little funkier, try button flap mittens. You get the warmth of the mittens and versatility of gloves, what could be better?
However, you cannot brave the cold without a nice warm coat. The always classic pea coat is a personal favorite of mine. It never goes out of style and it always looks good. You can’t go wrong. With all of these accessories there is no reason to fear the cold, so go forth, bundle up and look great.
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