CM’s Guide To Study Abroad: Madrid

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It’s hard to be bored while studying abroad in the largest city in Spain, known for its tapa bars, performance art, bohemian cafes and live music.  While the tour books might point you to the Royal Palace, we have something else in mind. Check out what these students have to say about their favorite attractions in this bustling city. 

The Exact Middle of Spain

"My friends and I went to Puerta del Sol, which is basically this huge plaza in Madrid.  It also happens to be the exact middle of Spain. There are street performers and it is always busy and crowded.  But the best part of it is people watching."

– Sam Bell, Senior, University of Maryland

Olives, Croquestas & Manchengo Cheese

"Tapas bars are a must, and you cannot go to Madrid without trying olives, croquetas, manchengo cheese, tortilla espanola, tinto de verano and of course mojitos."

– Erika Giovanniello, Junior, Boston College

Bull Fighting

“Definitely go to a bull fight.  I went to one and it was the highlight of my two months in Madrid.  There is so much culture involved.  Some people say it is too violent but it is really worth seeing.  When I went to see it, the bull attacked the matador and he had to go to the infirmary.  It was kind of funny.”

Jessica Coelho, Senior, Villanova University

Watch football…Madrid Style

“Go to a soccer game for sure.  They are so awesome, and all of the fans get really into it. Madrid’s big team is Real Madrid but the tickets are really expensive and going to see a smaller team like Atletico is still really fun.”

– David Thomason, Junior, Cornell University

College Magazine Staff

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