CM’s 2011 Guide to Shoes and Sandals

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New shoes are a must at the start of a new semester. Without them it is as if a piece of you is missing. But what are people strolling the sidewalks with more these days, shoes or sandals? Check out our top five list for both shoes and sandals that students are wearing this fall!
1. Nike Air Max
Nike Air Max’s are one of the most popular shoes out right now, but the Air Max 1’s are what people enjoy the most. With eleven different customizable color and material options, one could make this shoe their own piece of art.
2. Sperry’s
Sperry's are meant to be worn for the purpose of boating, but who says one can’t be comfortable when they are not boating? These are also useful for when it rains, since it seems that rain boots for men are socially unacceptable.
3. Vans Canvas
This classic shoe been around since the 60s and continues to be a top seller every year. They are most fashionable among skateboarders but are still perfect for a good clean look. 
4. Toms
The most bang-for-your-buck shoes are without contest Toms. These are for a good cause. Toms matches every purchased pair by giving them to a child in need. Who can argue with wo pairs of shoes for the price of one?
5. Vibram FiveFingers
“I have seen people wearing these ‘shoes’ more and more and not just when they are working out,” said Towson University junior Blake Burroughs. “Three guys I work with wear them everyday to work because they are so comfortable.”
1. Rainbow Flip Flops
These flip-flops last forever. When purchased you receive a lifetime guarantee that they will not break. If they do, you receive another pair for free. The more miles the owner puts on these flip-flops, the more comfortable they get.
2. Reefs
Reefs are excellent to wear in the rain because of their water resistance. They are also great to wear at tailgates. Why? Two words: bottle opener. There is a bottle opener located on the bottom of these flops and you would be surprised at how many times it comes in handy. Of course, we are only opening old-fashioned soda bottles with this tool.
3. Havaianas
They’re advertised as the world’s best rubber flip-flop for a price under $20. They even sell pairs with your university’s logo on them.
4. Sanuk Vagabond Sandal Shoe
The slogan for this company is “Not-A-Shoe,” though they certainly do look like shoes. Despite looking like shoes, they are in fact not. This patented sandal construction makes your feet feel and move like they are in a sandal.
5. Crocs
These are not the most stylish sandals in the world, but at least your roommates will appreciate the fact that these shoes are foot odor resistant.
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