CM Gift Guide: Investment Pieces

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You’re growing up, and it’s time to eliminate the laundry list of Christmas presents that aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be under the tree.  Refine your list this year by narrowing it down to one or two big-ticket investment pieces that will last you for years after the holiday season ends.

Think about what you really need and aim for practicality.  Whether it’s a pricey gadget or stylish accessory, these gifts are sure to be the best you’ve ever received:

1.) MacBook Pro or PC

Upgradeyour old laptop for fresh hardware from Apple or HP.

2.)iPad 2

Soon-to-be graduates should invest in an iPad to show off their portfolios during interviews.

3.) Nikon SLR camera

Invest in an SLR camera to document the rest of your college years.

4.) External hard drive

With this handy accesory, you’ll never fear the loss of your iTunes library or important documents ever again.

5.) Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft Office

If you’re school doesn’t offer them for free, consider purchasing either Adobe or Microsoft’s program for your own use.

6.) Watch

A timeless accessory. Pun intended.

7.) Blazer or sportcoat

Ladies and gentlemen, step up your style with a classy jacket.  Wear it to class or to an internship.

8.) Designer jeans

They’re the jeans you’ll live in- comfortable and perfectly tailored.

9.) Athletic or outdoors gear

Get those durable running shoes or a warm skiing jacket and hit the outdoors.

10.) Leather accessories

Leather lasts forever.  Girls should go for a well-made bag, and guys should try a wallet.

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