Cinco de Mayo for Couples

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Up there with Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s day, Cinco de Mayo is one of the many spring semester holidays that provide an excuse to do a little something different. And who doesn’t love a fun change of pace every one in a while? Every year on Cinco de Mayo, people of Mexican heritage – primarily those who come from the capital city of Puebla –commemorate the defeat of the French army by the Mexicans at the Battle of Pueblo on May 5th, 1862. But even if you or your significant other aren’t of Mexican descent, you can still enjoy this widely celebrated holiday by participating in the Mexican traditions that define it. Here’s a list of five couple activities to do on the fifth of May. And no, they don’t all involve Corona or tequila.

1. Go on a tequila tour. Okay, so this one does involve tequila. But what’s an Americanized Cinco de Mayo without a little sauce? If you live near a city, there are likely to be number of Mexican restaurants and tequila bars in your area. Even if you’re in the burbs, chances are there’s at least one taco joint that will make a decent margarita. Step out with your beau and do some tequila taste testing. Just don’t forget the salt and limes.

2. Whip up some Mexican cuisine. Cooking is a great bonding activity for couples. You’re both working together to create something yummy, and the best part is that afterwards, you get to eat it. Log on to Pinterest and search for some authentic at-home recipes for traditional Mexican dishes such as guacamole, flautas, tamales, or the traditional Pueblo sauce, mole. Your taste buds will thank you.

3. Take a Mexican dance class. Nothing gets the heart racing quite like dancing. Check out what your local community center or dance studio has to offer in the way of Mexican folk dancing classes. You’ll learn a bit about the culture and come out of it with some sexy new moves in your arsenal.

4. Get south-of-the-border crafty. Break out the arts and crafts supplies and get creative with your guy or girl. Whip up some homemade maracas, weave some God’s eyes like you did in elementary school, or put together a piñata from scratch. If you’re feeling really ambitious, sign up for a sombrero weaving class. Then don your new headgear for the rest of the day to show off your skills.

 5. Throw a Cinco de Mayo barbecue. There’s no better way to “play house” than to plan a party with your significant other. Shop together, concoct the menu, stir the cocktails, decorate, and draw up the perfect guest list. All that planning will bring you closer together, and in the end, you’ll have an awesome time with your significant other and your friends. It’s a win-win.  


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