Cheat Sheet: Where to Study

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You’ve got your book, notes, a test tomorrow and some free time. The obvious next thing to do is study. But, don’t let deciding where to do it take so long that you give up and cram twenty minutes before the exam.  Here are some ideas that make finding an ideal study location the easy part.

  1. The library—you’ll always have peace and quiet, but not always a seat.  Go earlier in the day when it’s not crowded and get a good spot.
  2. Cafes—if you want some food and a big table, head to a local café and park there for a while. This should be somewhere without table service since you don’t want to hold up a table for a waiter.
  3. Starbucks—if you aren’t distracted by hustle and bustle, Starbucks (especially ones on campus) are always filled to the brim with students studying. Plus, free Wi-Fi is a great thing.
  4. Local coffee shops—if you can go without Wi-Fi, still really want coffee but want a more low-key environment, support the local businesses in your area.
  5. Empty classrooms—this one may take some time to find, but empty classrooms are great spots. Scope them out while you’re in class to see which ones are free at certain times.
  6. Parks—if the weather is still nice out grab a blanket and head to the park. A little fresh air will do wonders on your brain.
  7. Barnes & Noble—Unlike many other bookstores, Barnes & Noble offers a café with drinks and light fare, tables and free (albeit often slow) Wi-Fi.  The great part about B&N is the thousands of books at your disposal (but remember—if you break it, you buy it, so mark your pages wisely).
  8. A friend’s house—sometimes studying is better if you’re not the only one doing it. If you can stay focused with a friend, turn studying into a social event.
  9. Residence Hall study lounges—if you live in a residence hall, take full advantage of the study lounges there; they’re often empty. If you live off campus, try to sneak into one or have someone sign you in.

 Your room—if you’re the kind of person who likes to study in footie pajamas and in the comfort of your bed, then your own room is the perfect place. Just make sure you let your roommate know you so there are no impromtu parties!  

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