Celebrity Gossip Sites: Addicted Much?

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By Shaneika Booker > Senior > Journalism > Southern Illinois University

Janet Jackson’s got a Donk!, plus pics of her new man inside, radio interview with Chris Brown as he rates celebrity females and gives Kim Kardashian a 7, and behind the scenes footage with Lady Gaga and Beyonce on the set of Videophone!

If you stopped reading this article to log onto your favorite gossip site to continue reading about these topics, you may have an addiction.

NecoleBitchie, Perez Hilton, ConcreteLoop, TMZ Mediatakeout, and Bossip all have one thing in common and that’s gossip. They don’t just have any old gossip, but current juicy celebrity gossip that we all want to get our hands on. These sites ask you questions and give you answers once you log on. What celebrity is on drugs? Who received a DUI over the weekend? The newest celebrity couple — is it true love or true lust?

I googled "celebrity gossip websites" and got more than 22,400,000 hits. These hits consisted of not only celebrity gossip sites, but also personal celebrity blogs and blogs of those that blog about celebrities.

I check mediatakeout.com, and necolebitchie.com daily. I have these two websites saved in my favorites for fast and easy access. Twitter is also a great invention for those that love current and immediate updates and coverage on the latest celebrity news. I am currently following Concrete Loop, Necole Bitchie, and my favorite celebrities on Twitter for 24-hour updates. One day last week, I discovered that I was not the only one obsessed with these gossip sites.

During class I conducted my daily website routine and checked Facebook, Twitter, Necole Bitchie, TMZ and Media Takeout. About halfway through my graphics class I noticed that I was not the only one who wasn’t paying attention. About 50 percent of the class was in their own world and that was the world of celebrity gossip.

Sharon Hicks, a senior from Southern Illinois University Carbondale explained why she frequently visited various celebrity gossip sites. “I go on the sites for the latest hair and fashion trends," said Hicks. “I want to see what celebrities are wearing to create my own fashion tips and ideas.”

I discovered students visited these sites for various reasons. Anastasia Inez, a Southern Illinois University, Carbondale graduate student visited a celebrity gossip site for the first time two weeks ago. “I logged on to mediatakeout.com to find out what was going on with my favorite celebrities,” said Inez.

After talking with about four or five college students, I learned about a lot of new celebrity gossip websites. I discovered that all celebrity websites are not the same. They may contain some of the same celebrity information, but they present it in their own special way. Some sites provide more information, whereas other sites provide a collage of exclusive pictures to go with the gossip.

So if you want find out what celebrity can’t hold their liquor, who is dating who, and who wore what dress where, here is a list of celebrity gossip websites that include great pictures and information to answer all of your burning celebrity gossip questions.

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