Blue Ivy Brings ‘Glory’ to Jay-Z and Beyonce

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Typically if your name is Chris, Jacob, Michael, Emily, Sarah, Matthew, or more recently Isabella (I’m assuming due to crazy Twilight fans), then there are about three other people with the same name in your Psychology class. Then the professor calls out "Jermajesty," and you snap your head up out of your pre-coffee morning haze.

Odds are, Jermain Jackson's daughter isn't in your lecture. Yet when you hear such unique names like "Memphis Eve" (Bono) and "Pilot Inspektor" (Jason Lee), you know they were chosen by celebrities. That's why when Beyoncé and Jay-Z announced their brand new baby daughter's name was Blue Ivy, it wasn't a total shock.

If the hip-hop and pop star's daughter weren't unique enough already, Jay-Z has made sure no one will take their eye of throne by dedicating a new song to her. "Glory" describes a father's pride for his newborn, while also revealing that Beyoncé previously had a miscarriage. This news of the tragic past makes the lyric even sweeter, and you can't deny the poignancy of the tribute.


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